General Assembly Security Council

UNSC Briefing on UNAMA/Afghanistan

(20.12.2023; 1000 hrs EST)


Statement by Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj


Mr. President,


I thank you for convening the meeting, and I thank the briefers we heard this morning.


As a contiguous neighbour to Afghanistan, a friend to its people and as a country with direct stakes in ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan, allow me to place the following observations before the Council.


One, the situation in Afghanistan is still one of concernthe deteriorating humanitarian situation, compounded by natural disasters such as the earthquake of October 2023, have had a devastating impact on the lives of the people. It is important for the international community to not lose its focus on Afghanistan.


In this regard, we note the report submitted by Mr. Feridun Sinirlioğlu providing his assessment as mandated by UNSC resolution 2679 (2023), and have read the recommendations contained in the report. As a longstanding partner to the Afghan people, India will continue to engage actively with other partners with the ultimate objective of securing peace and stability in the country. India already partners with several UN agencies on the ground and will continue to do so for the welfare of the people of Afghanistan.


Two, the benchmarks set by the Security Council through its resolution 2593 (2021) continue to guide the international community’s approach towards Afghanistan. Our common and immediate priorities include providing humanitarian assistance for the Afghan people; formation of an inclusive and representative government structure; combating terrorism and drug trafficking; and preserving the rights of women, children, and minorities.


Three, humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan needs to be prioritized given the distressing humanitarian situation in the country. India has delivered material humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and has also continued its educational scholarships for the Afghan students. We have also partnered with various UN agencies, including UNWFP and UNODC in their humanitarian efforts. Our humanitarian assistance will continue for the benefit of the people of Afghanistan.


In conclusion, Mr. President, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the people of Afghanistan. We will continue to be closely and actively involved in support of the Afghan people. Since this might be the last open meeting of the Council before the mandate renewal of the UNAMA in March, I would also like to state here that we look forward to working closely with the penholders to share our views as a neighbour of Afghanistan.


I thank you.