General Assembly Security Council

UN Security Council Briefing on Afghanistan

[Friday, 21 June 2024, 1000 hours]


Statement by Ambassador R. Ravindra, Charge d'Affaires & Deputy Permanent Representative

Mr. President,


I thank you for convening today’s meeting. We appreciate the briefing by SRSG Otunbayeva on the situation in Afghanistan, particularly recent developments. The insights provided by civil society representative was also useful.


Mr. President,


India is a contiguous neighbour to Afghanistan. India has historical and civilisational ties with the Afghan people. These longstanding linkages continue to guide our relations with Afghanistan. India is closely monitoring developments given its impact on neighboring countries like us. Our objective is to establish long term peace, security and stability of Afghanistan and well-being of its people.


In this context, allow me to place the following observations.


One, benchmarks set by the Security Council through its resolution 2593 (2021) should continue to guide the international community’s approach towards Afghanistan. Our common priorities include the need to counter terrorism; bring in inclusive governance; safeguard the rights and interests of women, children and minorities; counter-narcotics; and prioritize humanitarian assistance for the well-being of the people of the country. It is also important that Afghanistan's territory is not used to spread instability in the region or to encourage extremist ideologies.


Two, India has been a trusted partner of Afghanistan for many years in development and humanitarian assistance.


India has delivered material humanitarian assistance consisting of 50,000 MTs of wheat, 250 tons of medical aid and 28 tons of earthquake relief aid. We have continued educational scholarships, to more than 4000 students including 600 Afghan girls. We have also partnered with various UN agencies, including UNWFP and UNODC in their humanitarian efforts.


Our development partnership has included more than five hundred projects spread across each of the 34 provinces of the country in critical areas of power, water supply, road connectivity, healthcare, education, agriculture and capacity building.


Three, India have been participating actively in the meetings of Special Envoys on Afghanistan hosted by Qatar in Doha. We strongly support the consensus that international community must move forward on all issues pertains to Afghanistan in a consultative and transparent process.


Four, our bilateral trade and commerce are ongoing, including through the Chabahar port in Iran. The signing of contract to develop Chabahar Port in Iran recently, is a testament of our commitment towards realizing the potential of the place as a connectivity hub for Afghanistan.


In closing, Mr. President, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the people of Afghanistan. India will continue to extend full cooperation in every initiative to help the Afghan society. I thank you.