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 ​India contributes US$1 million to the AMISOM Trust Fund




 ​India contributes US$1 million to the AMISOM Trust Fund

 AMISOM is playing an important role in providing an enabling security environment in Somalia, including in containing Al-Shabaab and terrorist attacks in Somalia. This is important not just for Somalia but for the wider Horn of Africa region. India commends and pays tribute to all AMISOM troop and police contributing countries for their sustained commitment and the sacrifices they have made.
Renewing its commitment to peace and stability in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, India has contributed of US$ 1 million to the United Nations Trust Fund in support of the African Union in Somalia (AMISOM).
India was involved in peacekeeping in Somalia almost three decades ago and has been a steadfast supporter of AMISOM and will continue to do so.

India continues to support the role of the African Union and the United Nations in responding to terrorism and building peace and stability in Somalia.