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India joins the 2024 ‘Honour Roll’ of the United Nations

In a significant recognition of its commitment to international cooperation, India joined the Honour Roll of the United Nations for the year 2024. The Honour Roll comprises member states that have fulfilled their financial obligations to the United Nations by paying their assessed contributions to the UN's Regular Budget within the stipulated 30 days of receiving a payment note from the UN.

For the fiscal year 2024, India's assessed contribution of US$ 32,895,257 has been fully paid. This underscores India's unwavering dedication to multilateralism and collaboration on the global stage.

India has consistently held a position on the UN Honour Roll, a testament to the nation's responsible and timely fulfillment of its financial commitments to the United Nations. By ensuring the prompt payment of assessed contributions, India reaffirms its role as a responsible member of the international community, actively supporting the objectives and initiatives of the United Nations.

31st January 2024