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High-Level Meeting of Group of Friends (GOF) to Promote Accountability for Crimes Against Peacekeepers

The India-led Group of Friends (GOF) convened for its second meeting today. Comprising 40 member states, the GOF deliberated on strategies to strengthen legal frameworks against perpetrators of malicious acts targeting Peacekeepers, focusing on supporting measures for ensuring accountability.

The meeting commenced with an informative briefing and update by the Secretariat, which provided valuable insights into ongoing efforts. The meeting marked a significant step towards accountability—launching a dedicated database designed to serve as an online repository, empowering the Secretariat, Missions, and member states to monitor and address cases of malicious acts against Peacekeepers. This database, sponsored by India, is hosted on the Unite Aware platform and is poised to facilitate comprehensive analysis and drive effective strategies for promoting accountability.

Ambassador Kamboj highlighted the GOF's progress over the past year, emphasizing the insights gained into challenges surrounding accountability, particularly in strengthening the rule of law within Mission areas. She expressed confidence in leveraging these insights to enact impactful measures advancing accountability for crimes against Peacekeepers.

The meeting's agenda also featured a substantive discussion on providing legal frameworks to support the concept of accountability for crimes against Peacekeepers. Professor Bimal Patel, a distinguished member of the International Law Commission and Vice Chancellor of the Rashtriya Raksha University, shared expert insights on this intricate topic. Member states engaged in fruitful deliberations on practical approaches to assist host state rule of law institutions in prosecuting perpetrators, ensuring justice for Peacekeepers.

The High-Level Meeting of the GOF serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of member states, spearheaded by India, towards promoting accountability and upholding the safety and dignity of Peacekeepers worldwide.

26 March 2024