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Adoption of Resolution on Memorial Wall for Fallen United Nations Peacekeepers

The General Assembly of the United Nations has adopted a Resolution yesterday, paving the way for establishing a Memorial Wall to honor the fallen United Nations Peacekeepers. This historic Resolution, which received the support of 190 out of 193 member states, authorizes the creation of a Memorial Wall at the United Nations Headquarters through voluntary contributions.
For the past eight years, the UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C34) has advocated for establishing a Memorial Wall to commemorate the brave Peacekeepers who made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuing global peace. Yesterday’s adoption of the Resolution marks a turning point in our collective commitment to honoring their invaluable contributions.
Last year, India had taken the lead by initiating a feasibility study to assess the viability of the Memorial Wall concept. Upon receiving a positive assessment that confirmed the practicality of establishing the Memorial Wall on the premises of the UN Headquarters, the Indian Mission to the UN spearheaded the adoption of the Resolution, as mentioned earlier, during the last three months.
A remarkable aspect of this Resolution is the unity displayed by all prominent troop-contributing countries and the permanent members of the Security Council, who formed a core group and provided unwavering support throughout this endeavor. Their collective endorsement reflects the deep significance the United Nations attaches to peacekeeping and the well-being of our Peacekeepers.
Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj commented: “The Resolution in paying its homage, is also a testimony to the importance that the United Nations bestows on Peacekeeping, and on on our Peacekeepers, and significantly, is an issue that has brought all member states unitedly forward.”
The establishment of the Memorial Wall will serve as a solemn tribute, preserving the memory of those who selflessly served under the UN flag. It will be a lasting symbol of gratitude, reminding us of all the sacrifices made by our brave Peacekeepers to safeguard peace, promote stability, and protect vulnerable communities worldwide. Together, we honor the legacy of our fallen heroes and recommit ourselves to the noble mission of peacekeeping.
15 June 2023