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Funding support to the Commonwealth of Dominica

As requested by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica, India will provide a grant of US$ one million from the India-UN Development Partnership Fund for the project “Strengthening Community Resilience within the Kalinago Territory.”

The project will benefit the indigenous community in Kalinago on the east coast of the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is facing threats to their traditional way of life and socio-economic development due to the impacts of climate change. Kalingao has been affected by deforestation, limited agricultural cultivation, declining water resources, and negative perceptions of the local landscape. The key objectives of the project are to ensure resilient food security and agriculture and to seek nature-based solutions for resilient livelihoods and economic activities by taking multiple initiatives.

On this occasion, the Permanent Representative of India, Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj said, “The indigenous community in Kalingao has been facing several challenges due to climate change and Hurricane Maria further exacerbated community’s vulnerability. India will be pleased to support efforts of the Commonwealth of Dominica to ensure that the community’s habitat is retained, its livelihood is expanded and socio-economic development is accelerated.”

The India-UN Development Partnership Fund, established by the Government of India in June 2017, provides support to projects in developing countries that aim to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Fund adheres to the principles of South-South cooperation and places a priority on national ownership and leadership, equality, sustainability, development of local capacity and mutual benefit. A total of US$ 150 million has been committed by the Government of India for this Fund.

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