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UN Democracy Fund Project empowering women for elections 


The United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) was initiated as a result of a partnership between India and the United States.  Presently, India is the second largest contributor to the UNDEF, having contributed USD 32 million as on 31 July 2019. India considers the Fund to be an effective instrument for the promotion of democratic values and processes and has played a prominent role in the UNDEF as member of its apex governing body - the Advisory Board. UNDEF presently supports projects that strengthen the voice of civil society, promote human rights, and encourage the participation of all groups in democratic processes. Since its inception, UNDEF has funded more than 770 projects in six main areas – Electoral Processes, Community development, Rule of law and human rights, Tools for democratization, Women, Youth in more than 120 countries.  


While democracies are not perfect, they are not imperfect either. It is this co-existence of the perfect and imperfect that make democracies relatable and, in some sense, glorious. 
Remarks by Ambassador Nagaraj Naidu, Deputy Permanent Representative
Side Event by the UN Democracy Fund On the sidelines of 63rd Commission on Status of Women Empowerment, Engagement and Leadership Through Civil Society
21 March 2019

Remarks by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh at the Launching of UN Democracy Fund
14 September 2005