General Assembly Security Council

UNSC Arria Formula meeting on the situation in Belarus

[Friday, 8th October 2021]




Ambassador R. Ravindra

Deputy Permanent Representative



I thank the Hon’ble Foreign Minister of Estonia for giving me the floor.


2. We have taken careful note of the points made by the briefers and panelists. I would like to underscore that any discussion on internal affairs of a sovereign state need to be objective and based on facts. It is also important to prevent the discussion becoming one sided by avoiding contrarian views. Moreover, discussions on a country’s internal affairs are best avoided until and unless they have a significant regional or international ramification.


3. We note that the situation at present in Belarus remains largely peaceful and stable. India has always advocated political and diplomatic solutions that protect the legitimate interests of all countries in the region and ensure long term peace and stability in Eurasia and beyond.


4. In conclusion, I wish to clarify that India’s relations with countries in the region stand on its own merit. They are not unduly affected by any extraneous factors. India continues to have friendly and cordial relations with all countries in the region, including Belarus.


I thank You.