General Assembly Security Council

UNSC briefing/consultations on United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS)


(14 September 2021; 1000 hrs)


Statement by Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti

Permanent Representative of India to the UN



Thank you, Madam President.


Let me begin by thanking SRSG Volker Perthes for his detailed briefing on the activities of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) centered around the Mission’s four pillars. I also thank Ms. Hala Alkarib for her insights. I welcome the Representative of Sudan for this meeting.


2. The progress made by the Sudanese authorities in the last three months has been reassuring and we appreciate the initiatives taken. The Juba Peace Agreement (JPA) implementation is on track with the appointment of Governors in North Darfur, West Darfur and the Blue Nile State. The talks between the transitional Government and the major non-signatory group SPLM-N Al-Hilu have made progress, and the SPLM-N Al Hilu and the Sudanese Liberation Army have signed a political declaration. The transitional authorities have announced initial measures to begin implementation of the JPA security arrangements, including establishment of the Joint Military High Committee; the Permanent Ceasefire Committee; and Sectoral and Area Committees.  The implementation of the National Plan for the Protection of Civilians (NPPOC) has also witnessed forward movement. There has been support for the Prime Minister’s national initiative on transitional challenges announced on 22 June. These developments reflect the continuing determination and commitment of the Sudanese leadership towards democratic transition. We take positive note of these developments.


3. At the same time, we also take note of the delays in the establishment of important transitional institutions. We hope these will be resolved soon, while also adhering to the criteria for representation for women in the Transitional Legislative Council. We underline the need for inclusive transition fully involving women in peace building and progress.


4. On the economic front, Sudan has made important strides in its macro-economic agenda and continued to implement economic reforms. These steps have helped Sudan reach the decision point for the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative and to unlock debt relief and funds for socio-economic programmes. We welcome the financial assistance extended by Sudan’s international partners as well as establishment of the Sudan Peace Fund to support peace building activities. All these positive steps ensure the emergence of real opportunities in Sudan in developmental areas.


5. On the security front, the transitional Government has continued to make efforts to provide protection to civilians in Darfur through the deployment of joint Government forces to de-escalate violence and calm tensions. These are positive developments which reflect the broadening of governance structures and the sustained commitment of the authorities to implement the National Plan for Civilian Protection. The transitional Government has also taken steps to improve child protection legislation.


6. It is matter of concern that intercommunal clashes have continued to be the main source of insecurity. There have been reports of incidents of criminality targeting the UN and its personnel during the reporting period. We encourage the transitional Government to take measures to ensure the safety and security of UN personnel and its premises in line with the new SOMA (Status of Mission Agreement) signed on 4 July. We also encourage the implementation of assurances and guarantees given with regard to the protection of civilians and to urgently address humanitarian concerns.


7. With respect to the drawdown of UNAMID, we take note of the high level of coordination between the Sudanese Joint Task Force and UNAMID and the commitment to facilitate the administration process. We hope that at both the central and state levels, all efforts will continue to be made by the Sudanese authorities to make this drawdown and liquidation an example of effective collaboration between the UN and Sudan. The full operationalization of UNITAMS and close engagement with the transitional authorities will be a determining factor in expediting transitional phase and moving towards drafting of constitution and preparations for elections.


8. Over the years, India has assisted Sudan through several projects under concessional lines of credit, capacity building and humanitarian assistance by supplying food and lifesaving drugs. In conclusion, Madam President, as Sudan makes confident strides towards a brighter future, India remains committed to supporting Sudan and its people in this political transition.


I thank you, Madam President.