General Assembly Security Council

UNSC Consultations on Yemen

(10 September 2021; 1000 hrs)


Statement by Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti

Permanent Representative of India to the UN



Thank you, Madam President.


       I join other colleagues in congratulating Mr. Hans Grundberg on his appointment as the new UN Special Envoy to Yemen and welcome him to this meeting. I thank him for his briefing and assure him on India’s full support for his efforts to restore peace in Yemen. I also thank OCHA’s Deputy Director of Operations Ghada Eltahir Mudawi and Ms. Entesar Al-Qadhi for their briefings and welcome the Permanent Representative of Yemen to the meeting.


2. This month marks the completion of seven years of the current conflict in Yemen. Yet, the situation in the country remains precarious. We are deeply concerned at the intensification of fighting in various parts of the country in recent weeks, in particular between Yemeni government forces and the Ansarallah in Ma’rib. The number of fatalities has been mounting and the escalating levels of violence and the conflict is also jeopardizing the chances of a ceasefire.


3. We are also concerned by the deterioration of the security situation in Aden and the southern governorates. Progress on the implementation of the Riyadh agreement remains vital to addressing these tensions and we encourage the Government and the Southern Transitional Council to resume the dialogue facilitated by Saudi Arabia for resolving the issues related to the implementation of the Agreement.


4. We call on all parties to renounce military confrontations, work towards protecting lives and establishing enduring peace. The aspirations of the Yemeni people and their hopes for peace, stability and prosperity should be the focus of these efforts.


5. India views with concern the continued cross border missile and drone attacks into Saudi Arabia, which undermine security and stability in the Gulf region and the supply and security of global energy flows. The deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure is also a flagrant violation of international law. Three Indians were among eight civilians who were injured in the recent attack on Abha airport. We call for a strict implementation of the arms embargo envisaged in resolution 2216 and its effective monitoring to eliminate such attacks in future.


6. The chaotic security situation in Yemen and the recent developments in the region could provide fresh impetus to the revival of activities of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. It is important for this Council to keep its focus on activities of these groups in Yemen and their linkages with the global terrorist network.



Madam President,


7. With respect to the humanitarian situation, India remains extremely concerned about the deteriorating situation in Yemen. The unprecedented humanitarian crisis is an indicator of the human toll of conflict and the suffering for the Yemeni people. Children, in particular, have been the most affected. India urges all parties to the conflict to allow the free, regular and unimpeded passage of food, fuel, medicines and other humanitarian relief.


8. Peace and stability in Hudaydah is also essential to ensure smooth flow of humanitarian aid and other essential commodities into Yemen. In this regard, I call on all parties to fully implement the Stockholm Agreement. I express our support for the efforts by UNMHA, under the leadership of General Abhijit Guha, towards implementing the Hudaydah Agreement.


9. Nearly 50% of the funding requirement for Yemen’s Humanitarian Response Plan is still unmet. Without additional funding, humanitarian agencies may be forced to scale down or shut down programmes from this month, especially in health and sanitation sectors. The consequences of such a reduction would be borne by millions of Yemenis. In this regard, the humanitarian conference on Yemen co-organized by the EU, Sweden and Switzerland later this month is a welcome development. We hope it would provide an opportunity to address the crisis with new funding.


10. An urgent solution to the FSO SAFER issue is required to avoid any imminent environmental catastrophe and ensure uninterrupted international maritime passage through the Red Sea. Unfortunately, the discussions between Ansarallah and the UN have not brought about the desired results so far.  I reiterate our call for immediate and full access to the SAFER oil tanker for the United Nations team.


11. We strongly believe that meaningful participation of women in decision-making substantially strengthens and deepens the effectiveness of peace building and develops stability in the society. I commend the efforts undertaken by various Yemeni women groups to advance women’s participation in political processes and welcome their active leadership in peace building in Yemen. I also appreciate UN’s close engagement with these groups.


Madam President,


12. In conclusion, I reiterate that the only sustainable solution to the conflict is a peacefully negotiated, Yemeni-led and Yemeni-owned political settlement that is inclusive, fair and prioritizes the well-being of all Yemenis. Nationwide cessation of hostilities is the starting point for such a settlement. I urge all relevant parties to engage constructively with the new Special Envoy to secure an early political solution to the conflict.


I thank you.