General Assembly Security Council

UNSC monthly meeting on Yemen

[15 June 2021]


India Statement


Mr. R. Ravindra

Deputy Permanent Representative & Political Coordinator 


Thank you, Mr. President. 

I join other colleagues in thanking Special Envoy Martin Griffiths for his efforts over the last few years to secure peace in Yemen. We look forward to working with him in his new role as the Head of UN Humanitarian Affairs. I also thank Under Secretary General Mark Lowcock and Ms. Najiba Al-Najar for their briefings. 

2. The ongoing fighting in several parts of Yemen, including the continued attacks in Marib by Ansarallah, has undermined the prospects for peace in the country. Despite intense regional and international diplomatic efforts, including by the UN, a breakthrough to end hostilities has unfortunately not yet been achieved. With every passing day, the human toll of the conflict, especially among Yemeni children, is increasing, as witnessed recently during the attacks in Marib city. 

3. We call on all parties to the conflict in Yemen to take concrete steps towards de-escalation to avoid further suffering of the Yemeni people. It is clear that there cannot be a military solution to the conflict. Prolonging the hostilities will not benefit anyone, except terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, who will exploit the situation for their own benefit, thereby further aggravating the humanitarian and security situation.

4. We are also witnessing the resumption of attacks arising out of Yemen on commercial ships navigating the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. India is deeply worried by this trend, which threatens not only the safe passage of commercial vessels but also maritime security in the region as a whole. We also condemn the cross-border attacks on critical civilian and energy infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, which threaten regional security and stability. A strict implementation of the arms embargo envisaged in resolution 2216 and its effective monitoring is necessary to eliminate such threats in the future.

Mr. President, 

5. There is no long-term solution to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen without ending the conflict. A nationwide ceasefire is the starting point for a full cessation of hostilities and India strongly supports all efforts to achieve such a ceasefire. 

6. Restrictions on the flow of essential commodities into Yemen and impediments to internal movement of humanitarian aid are also exacerbating the humanitarian crisis. We appreciate the recent clearances issued by the Government of Yemen to fuel ships to enter Hudaydah port which will ease the pressure on availability of fuel in Yemen. A sustainable solution to this issue, which also addresses the proper handling of oil related revenues, is an urgent requirement. 

7. The 2021 Humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen is only 43% funded. The lack of funding for humanitarian agencies would result in scaling down or termination of the aid operations soon. We commend OCHA’s emergency funding response to fill gaps in the delivery of critical aid, particularly to those displaced in Marib and Al Jawf. However, a more durable solution through sustained donor funding is required to enable the continuation of life-saving humanitarian operations. 

8. The FSO Safer issue remains unresolved and we urge Ansarallah to provide early access and facilitation to the UN to inspect the vessel and conduct any essential repairs without further delay.

Mr. President,

9. A peaceful resolution of the conflict in Yemen hinges on the political will of the conflicting parties themselves. The countries in the region have a major role to play in influencing Yemeni parties to stop the fighting and pursue initiatives for peace and reconciliation. The full implementation of the Riyadh and Stockholm Agreements will also contribute to stability and peace in Yemen. 

10. This Council should send a strong and clear signal on the need to cease violence and commence political negotiations. India fully supports a Yemeni-led and Yemeni-owned political process, with meaningful participation of women, for achieving an inclusive and peacefully negotiated settlement to the conflict. 

I thank you, Mr. President.