General Assembly Security Council

Arria Formula Meeting on

Odessa 7 years after: neo-nazism and violent nationalism as drivers of conflict in Ukraine



by Counsellor Mr. Pratik Mathur


5 May 2021


Mr. Chairman, my remarks will be brief.


2. At the outset, allow me to place on record our reservations on this format of meeting as it has been misused in recent past.


3. Normally, issues are taken up for consideration by the UN Security Council only if they have ramifications for international peace and security. There are others which need to be discussed in a bilateral or even plurilateral context.


4. India has always advocated political and diplomatic solutions that protect the legitimate interests of all countries in the region and ensure long term peace and stability in Europe and beyond. The path forward can only be through peaceful dialogue for a lasting solution acceptable to all concerned.


5. To conclude, we urge all parties to continue to engage through all channels of dialogue.


I thank you Mr. President.