General Assembly Security Council

UN Security Council Briefing on Yemen




Ambassador K. Nagaraj Naidu

Deputy Permanent Representative


16 March 2021


Thank you Madam President. I would like to thank the briefers for their updates on the situation in Yemen.


2. We are concerned at the recent escalation in hostilities in several parts of Yemen, especially in Marib. The reports of military confrontations in Taiz, Al Jawf and Sana’a governorates are also deeply concerning. These confrontations have resulted in several casualties, extensive destruction and renewed displacement of civilians. We deeply regret the loss of valuable human lives, including in the fire accident at the immigration holding facility in Sana’a and convey our heartfelt sympathies to the families of those affected. The current escalation will also provide opportunities for terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State to spread their presence in Yemen, which is worrisome.


3. We condemn the drone and missile attacks launched by Ansarallah into Saudi Arabia and the deliberate targeting of civilian and energy infrastructure in the country. We call upon all parties to the conflict to eschew violence and to take meaningful steps towards dialogue and negotiations for a political settlement.


4. Two years ago, when Yemen was faced with a perilous situation in Hudaydah, the international community had acted swiftly and decisively, which resulted in the signing of the Stockholm Agreement and averted a humanitarian catastrophe. A similar focused diplomatic push is required now, not only to stop the battle for Marib, but also conflicts elsewhere in the country.


5. The already dire humanitarian situation in Yemen requires the full attention of the international community. We welcome the efforts by OCHA, Sweden and Switzerland to host the high-level pledging event for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The outcome may be disappointing, but the continued pledges from Yemen’s regional partners to support humanitarian and aid operations in the country and the enhanced contribution of some donor countries give reasons for hope. India stands ready to continue its assistance to the people of Yemen. We will  continue to facilitate the medical treatment of people of Yemen travelling to India.


6. We are disappointed that recent talks on exchange of prisoners and detainees have ended without any agreement between the parties. We hope to see the resumption of talks in the near future.


7. We appreciate UN’s engagement with Ansarallah on the SAFER oil tanker issue. All pending issues related to logistical and security arrangements must be resolved urgently and the UN technical team will get the access to inspect the vessel soon.


Madam President,


8. Let me also add my voice of support to the contribution made by the women of Yemen to peace efforts in the country. The promises made in the National Dialogue Conference outcomes and enshrined in Yemen’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security must be fulfilled.


9. In conclusion, Madam President, let me reaffirm India’s strong commitment to Yemen’s unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity. India has strong and historical ties with Yemen and its people and we hope to see peace return to Yemen soon. I once again urge all parties to refrain from violence and engage constructively in good faith with the Special Envoy to bring about a lasting political settlement in the country.


I thank you Madam President.