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Briefing by the G20 Sherpa of Brazil, H.E. Ambassador Maurício Carvalho Lyrio, on the priorities of Brazil’s G20 Presidency


Statement delivered by the Permanent Representative of India, H.E. Ruchira Kamboj


Mr President,


Allow me to extend our congratulations to Ambassador Carvalho Lyrio as Brazil assumes the G20 Presidency. We are particularly heartened by the alignment and continuity between the priorities of the Brazilian and Indian Presidencies.


Mr President,

India’s guiding principle, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, envisioning the world as one interconnected family, has steered our presidency’s initiatives. A prime focus was on addressing the aspirations of the Global South. Hence, we initiated our term with the Voice of the Global South Summit, led by Prime Minister Modi. This event gathered insights from over 120 developing nations regarding their expectations from the G20. I am pleased to share that their valuable input was integrated into our presidency‘s achievements.


Among the significant outcomes was welcoming the African Union as a permanent member of the G20, thus strengthening the representation of developing. We also proudly finalised the G20 2023 Action Plan hasten progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, aligning with the UN Secretary-General’s call for demonstrable actions. Additionally, the adoption of the Green Development Pact at the New Delhi Summit which crafted a blueprint for sustainable, inclusive economic growth. The continuation of the Indian Presidency’s initiatives, particularly the Working Group on Empowerment of Women, is a positive development.


Mr President,

It fills us with immense pride that, by 2025, the G20 presidency will have been held by developing countries for four consecutive terms. This emphasizes the necessity to focus this influential group’s agenda on critical issues like development, poverty eradication, technological transformation and gender equality. On poverty and hunger, which is rightly the focus of the Brazilian presidency, I should add that in the past five years alone, we have lifted 135 million Indians out of multidimensional poverty, ahead of our time for achieving SDG target 1.2, and on the back of improvements in nutrition, years of schooling, sanitation and subsidised cooking fuel. As part of the G20 troika, alongside Brazil and the forthcoming President, South Africa, India is committed to advancing the international dialogue on addressing the needs of the Global South.


I thank you.