General Assembly General Assembly


75th UN General Assembly

84th Plenary Meeting

Agenda Item 127

[22 June 2021]


Intervention by

Ambassador T.S Tirumurti, Permanent Representative of India



Mr. President,


I would like to add my delegation’s voice of support to the proposal presented by PR of Qatar and Co-Chair of the IGN Ambassador Alya al-Thani. I would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Ambassador Al-Thani for her extremely constructive and fruitful efforts in facilitating consultations between Member States in order to find an acceptable text for the draft oral decision under consideration today.


Mr. President,


2. By agreeing to include our leaders’ promise to “instill new life” in our roll-over decision, we are re-affirming once more that what we are engaged in, in the IGN, is not simply a series of academic debates. Our mandate is to deliver on Security Council reform, not to just discuss it ad infinitum.


3. We are pleased that the proposal of Qatar is able to bring this important aspect into today’s roll-over decision. As we have stressed over the last few months, we view the roll-over decision of the IGN not as a technical formality, but an important means to capture the progress made during the IGN meetings, and to give direction to the way forward.


4. We have engaged in wide-ranging consultations with members states and grouping over the last few days in order to arrive at a suitable outcome today. In all our engagements, we found that there is an overwhelming desire to move forward in the next IGN round in a focused and substantive manner.




5. In this context, we appreciate the efforts of the Co-Chairs to present an Elements Paper on Convergences and Divergences, which has an improved structure and introduction of some attributions. This gives us a useful basis to commence our discussion in the next session.


6. We wish to stress yet again our support for the Common African Position, as enshrined in the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration being fully elaborated in the convergence section of the elements paper so as to accurately reflect the views of the membership.  We will continue to support its accurate depiction in the next session.


Mr. President,


7. I have said on several previous occasions that the IGN can no longer be used as a smokescreen. Today, with this amended roll-over decision, we will move ahead to the next session with the hope that we will finally be able to come together to make decisive progress towards the long overdue reform of the Security Council.


Thank you.